Requesting your account information

The Request Account Info feature allows you to request and export a report of your Zuttelo account information and settings. Examples of this information include your profile photo and group names.

Please note that the report doesn't include your messages. If you wish to export your chat history instead, you can learn how in our Help Center.

Requesting a report

  1. Go to Zuttelo Settings > Account > Request account info.
  2. Tap Request report.
  3. The screen will update to Request sent.

Your report will be available approximately 3 days after the date you requested it. You can refer to the Ready by date when waiting for your report.

Note: While your report request is pending, certain account actions, including deleting your account, changing your number or device or re-registering your account, will cancel your request. If your request is cancelled, you can request another report.

Downloading and exporting a report

When the report is available, you'll receive a Zuttelo notification on your phone stating: Your account info report is now available.

The Request account info screen in the app will tell you how much time you have to download the report (approximately a few weeks) before it's deleted from our servers.

To download your report:

  1. Go to Zuttelo Settings > Account > Request account info > Download report.
  2. A ZIP file will be downloaded to your phone. The ZIP file includes an HTML file that is easy to view, and a JSON file that could be ported to another app.
  3. Once the file is downloaded to your phone, select Export report.

You'll be unable to view the downloaded report within Zuttelo. Select any of the external applications that appear in your share tray to export the report. For example, you can email a copy of the report to yourself. Because the report has your personal information, you should be careful when storing, sending or uploading it to any other services.

Canceling a pending report request

Once requested, you can't undo or cancel your pending report request.

Deleting a report

After you download your report to your phone, you'll have the option to permanently delete the downloaded copy from your phone. Deleting the report won't delete any of your account's data.

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