Changing phone numbers and/or phones

Changing your Zuttelo phone number

Before you stop using a particular phone number, you should migrate your Zuttelo account to the new number. For a simple way to do this, use our Change Number feature. By using this feature, you'll be able to migrate your account information (including your profile information) as well as your groups.

Learn more about changing your number: Android | iPhone

Make sure your contacts delete your old phone number from their phone's address book and input your new number. As it is a common practice for mobile providers to recycle numbers, you should expect that your former number will be reassigned.

Note: You do not need to delete your old account. After successfully using the Change Number feature, your old account will be automatically deleted.

Changing your phone

Different types of phone

If you're moving from one type of phone to another, such as from an iPhone to an Android, and preserving your number, you'll keep your account info. This information is tied to the phone number. Simply download Zuttelo on the new phone and verify your number.

Note: You can't migrate your messages across different types of phone.

If you're moving from one type of phone to another and not preserving your number, simply download Zuttelo on the new phone and verify the new phone number.

Important: Remember to delete your old account. However, if you didn't delete your account and no longer have access to your old phone, don't worry. If the new owner of your old number activates Zuttelo on a new phone after 45 days, all of your account information tied to that phone number will be completely deleted.

Same type of phone

If you're moving to the same type of phone, such as from an Android to another Android, then you may have an option to migrate your messages. Learn more about transferring your chats on:Android | iPhone

After changing your phone

Before you give away your old phone, make sure to wipe it of all your data. Remember also to wipe the SD card, if applicable. This ensures that none of your private data, such as your Zuttelo messages, will fall into someone else's hands.

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